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I just got a new toy, a fuck machine and was over joyed that I could fuck myself when ever I wanted! Wasting no time in putting it together, I was soon ready for start pounding my pussy. Taking off my clothes I slowly I inserted the cock part of the machine into my pussy, and turned it on. As I was being fucked slowly, I played with my clit. Unbelievable feeling ran up my spine to my brain. Then I got a small electric dildo to use on my pussy. The combination of the fucking machine and my dildo made me cum. OMG, I never had sensations like t...
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Last night after work I went to a night club and partied with my friends. After a few drinks, I decided to show them what I do at work. So I went on stage dressed in my best sexy punk rock black outfit. Then I put on a show for them, first taking out my tits and started playing with them. Then I hiked up my skirt, pulled my black panties to the side and started to rub my horny pussy till I came all over my fingers. Naturally, I had to lick my cunt juice from my fingers and with that the show was over, and that is what I do at work.
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Today I did a shoot with a fuck machine, and that was a surprise to me as I never used one before. Here is what happened at that day. First sitting in front of the fuck machine, i learned how the controls worked, then I took off my bra and let the machine fuck my face. That felt pretty good as I love getting fucked in all my holes. Then I took off my panties and used the machine on my pussy. what a fantastic feeling as I could control how hard the machine fucked me and the pleasure was all mine. After getting fucked in a few positions, my ...
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Last night I had a dream about my old high school teacher, Ms. Janine. Looking back at my brief sexual encounter seemed a fantasy. Here is what happened. I was the only person staying after school and was so angry. So I drew a big dick on the blackboard and wrote that Ms Janine needed a cock. Needless to say, she saw that and got mad at me. Turning around I saw electric anal beads hanging from her skirt. Then I told her "lets have sex" or I would tell the Principle. So she opened the desk drawer and took out all sorts of toys . Then I use th...
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