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So I'm working out try to keep my tight body tight! And then Christian comes in just at the right time, Iím bent over. He loves my ass and loves playing with it. Why wouldn't he, look at my ass you can see my cute, sexy undies through my spandex pants! I have his cock in my mouth in no time, itís his favorite part of the day. His balls are shaved so nice and smooth, they feel so good on my tongue. His big cock in my pussy is unbelievable and the way he fucks me is great, I cum in no time and so does he. What a hard work out I feel great! You...
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Yesterday I had to go and pick up my dads car, but it was not ready even though I called and called to let Jon JON, the mechanic, how urgent it was for my dad to have his car back so my family could go on vacation. To motivate him, I decided to show him my tits, then I took out his cock. That was really exciting as I never saw a big black dick before. then I started to give him a blow job. His big black rod really tasted great. Getting more excited I let him take off my shorts and fuck me. In between fucking me, Jon let me taste my pussy ju...
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I was so excited about getting a modeling job, but at the same time worried that I could not perform well enough for the director. So I went home to practice. First I stripped in front of the mirror and played with my tight pussy, then I got out my trusty dildo and worked on my pussy till my pussy juice flowed all over my dildo. Then the next morning I went to the studio early, but nobody was there. So I decided to warm up with a really nice purple dildo that I found. I really put that dildo to good use working over my pussy. Getting off ...
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Yesterday I met my new doctor, Dr. Alia for my yearly exam, and she was a bit unconventional. First she checked out my tits by licking my nipples. Then I took off my panties so she could check out my tight pussy. To do this, the Doctor used a speculum and then her tongue on my pussy. My clit really enjoyed the treatment. Moving on, Dr. Alia used what I would call a magic wand to massage my pussy. Well that really turned me on and my pussy juice was really flowing. Finally, she pronounced my tight pussy to be perfect. After that good news, I ...
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